June 5th, 2007

LJ, GJ, IJ, JF and the beauty of Firefox

I seem to have set up shop everywhere!

Greatest Journal
Lots of us are already set up there due to previous LJ blackouts, including the fandom newsletters. There's a couple of cool features that we don't have on LJ; you can see who's on the site when you are, there's a hit counter built into the posting system, you can stop people from friending you. On the other hand, there's not much choice of styles and your icons disappear if your journal is inactive for a while. And it won't let me update the icons atm, either! It's a relatively recent build of LJ, so there's tags, but you can't do that thing that LJ does where you can get the comments on someone else's post. That's something I find really useful for fics posted in fests, where the mod can post my fic, but I can track the post and get the comments. ♥ I'm shallow, but you all knew that!

Insane Journal
This seems like a happy place. The owner is actively welcoming new users from LJ, and seems to be using one of the latest LJ builds, so there's tags, tracking, search to find your friends. Also, permanent accounts are only US$30.00, and the ads disappear. However, it's also a downside that permanent accounts are only $30.00 - no ongoing revenue stream to buy servers, bandwidth and tech stuff to keep it running smoothly. I've asked Squeaky about this and will let you know his answer. ETA: Squeaky is happy with the price and says he's happy with the account setup, so I've bought myself a permanent account. :)

Journal Fen
For fen, by fen. That should be enough in and of itself to take us there, but there's a few things working against it. You can't create a free account, and you can't search the users database to find your friends. The LJ build they're using seems old, so there aren't those nifty features that we like about being here on LJ. And the biggy: you have to be 18 and over to use the site. I know that's an issue for a lot of people. The servers that host JF also host Slashcity, and a lot of us have webspace there. For all the comments you see about the robustness of the servers, I've only had my website go down a couple of times, and it's always been up again very quickly, and Robin is great with tech support.

I'm starting to believe also that I can follow multiple flists. The reason for this? Tabbed browsing. Thank you, Firefox! I normally have about 25 tabs open at any given time, so I've set mine up now to open the first few tabs for flists on LJ, GJ, IJ and JF automatically. Ultimately, I think, that need will disappear as we settle down to wherever we end up, because I'm a sheep. I'm going where the rest of you go and, after all, it's my flist that matters, isn't it? ;) I'm sure that's the case for each of us! I don't have any loyalty to LJ, so a lot of what's holding me here is inertia and the power of memory. My online history is here in all the rambling posts and comments. I've worked out a system to duplicate those posts I want to save, and will post them to wherever we end up.

So, if you're starting journals on other services, let me know, or friend me and I'll friend you back. Don't we live in interesting times?

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