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Home again

August 22nd, 2007 (08:07 am)

I'm back in the land of winter, and fuck, isn't it cold after being in sunshine for six weeks? But the blossom trees are swelling and spring is about to break on us and it's going to be beautiful!

I was blessed by the god of frequent flyers on the plane from Tokyo and had an entire row to myself which I promptly claimed by spreading my shit out to stop anyone else from grabbing them. Seven hours sleep on a plane! How magnificent is that?

My glorious Eldest Son was there to greet me and bring me home and it was fabulous to have those many hours with him before reaching the disaster zone that is my house. The drive was beautiful; spring has arrived on the coast already and it's so very green after the recent rains. Coming back up into the mountains where there's no green yet as we're still having hard frosts was a bit of a shock to the system!

Things to do over the next three days:

  • hang Snape in a tub in pride of place

  • call builders and painters to get quotes for walls and ceilings

  • get the rest of the pipes lagged

  • call an electrician to get all the wiring checked

  • take the car in for a wheel alignment and balance

  • call carpet cleaners back to get the lounge cleaned

  • move back furniture that can be moved

  • check the computer cabling because I may have lost the sound system, two usb hubs and the dial-up modem in the flood from the pipes

  • take the car to a sound system place to get an iSnape cable fitted

  • vacuum the clouds of cat hair and wash everything in sight

  • wash and rehang the curtains that the cats pulled down (wtf? were they swinging on them?)

  • finish the posts for Sectus, US, Prophecy, Canada and Japan

  • go through the mountain of mail and throw it all away

  • start weeding the garden and mow the lawn

  • start unpacking the boxes that have started to arrive

I shall have a busy time of it! I did drop in at work to pick up boxes and they tell me that everything has run like a dream while I've been gone and I therefore should go on leave more often. Yay!

I won't be on a lot over the next few days, but I will try and get into chat to pass on love and hugs. It's been an amazing six weeks and it was so, so good to meet so many of you, to spend time with friends that I love. It's also good to be home. ♥