snapetoy [userpic]

Subject: Important notice re After Class

August 8th, 2007 (02:03 pm)

After Class, the Snape/Harry Yahoo mailing list, has been deleted.

A new group has been made by Magic_Helmut (Happy Birthday, Rai!), Nimori and Snapetoy. The new group is located at and has the same rules and mods as After Class. Due to a drive failure, we do not have a copy of the files from After Class.

We have therefore started a new database for Stag and Doe, in addition to the Fic Search database, and we ask members to add their favourite fics to help us rebuild the links.

We will continue to cross-post the editions of the SS/HP Prophet to Stag and Doe.

Please do not make any comments to this post regarding the name of the new group.

If you were a member of After Class, please join Stag and Doe.