March 30th, 2008

So, I've been gone a while...

*slinks through the door*

This is probably a good time to confess that I haven't read my flist since the last week in December, so I have no idea what's been happening with you all or in Snarry fandom since I deserted for the bright and shiny crack that is Prince of Tennis. *hangs head* Seriously, you should all blame [info]nimori. She has no shame. Real Life has been crazy as well. Briefly, I've been back to Japan twice, taking Eldest Son for his first visit and then racing back the week before last to see Youngest Son graduate from university and help him move into the inner-city now that he is a corporate drone. First time driving in Japan, and we're going straight into Tokyo city, kids! Work is as mad as usual and I'm up to my neck in funding applications. Too much work, not enough staff. Story of my life!

*stubs toe in dirt*

Forgive me? And tell me any exciting news and gossip that's been happening for you? I hope only good things have been! But tell me the news, folks, and I shall try and piece my life back together!

I think the cats are determined to come with me next time!

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