December 15th, 2007

Random bits

Things that have caught my attention today:

  1. Happy Birthday, Titti! I hope it's an absolutely super day for you!

  2. I find that I am nowhere near as obsessive as some, but I can be wildly excited by the results of someone's obsession. Click here for the perfect example. This fan has made the most wonderful miniatures of Snape's office and Spinner's End

  3. [info]swtalmnd forced me to upload a video of seagulls circuiting for food that I saw in Japan on Christmas 2004 and now won't watch it! So you all should. :D It's only 30 seconds of your time, and they're great seagulls. Only in Japan!

  4. [info]nimori is the most wicked enabler on the face of the planet. I am now watching the Prince of Tennis live action movie on You Tube. Also, Ryozuka for the win (but only when Ryoma is over 18, of course!)

  5. I miss Tim Hortons. In fact, I miss it enough that I'm going to try and make a breakfast sandwich. If it works, I shall post the Australian recipe. [info]lauriegilbert, I shall post results of my experiments. Oh, and I'll need to take photos for comparison!

  6. Anyone who likes Snape should immediately friend [info]akatnamedeaster because her art is sooooo gorgeous. *licks the screen*

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