December 8th, 2007

Cons and travels and travails

Best Christmas present to myself ever: I am booked and paid for Sectus '09.

I was slack (and continue to be slack) and didn't make my posts about the cons, mostly because LJ went berserk and I had to get back to work and poof! there went my energy. I'd still really love to do it and maybe if I can move all my LJ pics to my website over Christmas, who knows? ([info]scarah, I've only just worked out how to upload the pics properly because I am an idiot!)

One of the reasons I want to make that post is because Sectus was the best con I've been to. The organisers of Sectus were incredible ([info]elanor, [info]annephoenix, [info]kabal42, [info]son_of_darkness and so many people whose IJ's I don't yet know, I'm looking at you all!) and they had the balance right between the fen and academic strands. They were slash friendly, ship friendly, porn friendly (or maybe that was just me ;) ) as well having some really interesting academic presentations. There were excusions to Alnwick Castle where we got to pet the owls and see the birds flown, and to Greenwich where we had a picnic lunch, got soaked in a summer rain storm and some of us rolled down the hill below the Greenwich Observatory. We jumped in puddles (okay, some of us did!) on our way back to the ferry and learned a lot of Interesting Facts, like which bridges were used in the HP films. :) The venue was super, casual and friendly (to the extent that there were announcements from the Ministry of Magic scrolling through their tv system). They had dinners, a ball, an auction, presentations, discussions and everything you could think of and it was marvellous. Of course, they also had the release of Book Seven, but that's never going to happen again.

And next time, Sectus will be in a castle. Oh my god, I love you people! Yep, we are heading into the depths of Wales for four days of heaven at Bodelwyddan Castle. Space is limited so for heaven's sake, book early! It's a fantastic price at £290, which includes registration and room and board for three nights, breakfast and evening meal for each day inclusive. Seriously, you won't see that anywhere else and you'll be absolutely kicking yourself if you leave it too long and discover the spaces are gone!

Now that I've finished squeeing, here's the rub. I'm not heading to the cons next year. I was going to go to Escapade in California next year, but it turns out I'm going to Japan in February rather than for Christmas due to Eldest Son not being organised in any way that matters. Youngest Son starts work full-time for his Company in April so will never have the blocks of time for fun and games again that uni students have, and I have forced Eldest Son to bite the bullet and go to see his brother's place in the world. As soon as I get home, I'm going in for a bit of surgery so I won't be up for travelling for a little while after that.

So, between kids and houses and cat mansions, 2008 is a year for me to save my pennies. This means I won't be going to the UK next summer, but I've arranged at work to be gone for June 2009 and they'll cope with the preparation for the end of the financial year without me. I'll fly home directly from England and be straight back into it.

But seriously, a castle? That's worth waiting a little for! Hope to see you all there!

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