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Happy New Government!

November 25th, 2007 (12:41 am)

[info]wyattburp reminds me that n9o children were thrown overboard and no country was invaded i9n the winning of this election by the Australian Labour Party.

I have veyr little faith in politicians but I hope that we can now remember that we're not just an economy, we're a society.


Posted by: nimori ([info]nimori)
Posted at: November 24th, 2007, 04:45 pm

Congratulations! :D

Posted by: cordelia_v ([info]cordelia_v)
Posted at: November 24th, 2007, 05:25 pm

I'm pleased for you all, dear.

Posted by: Sebastian ([info]kabal42)
Posted at: November 24th, 2007, 07:53 pm

Congrats! :-D I wish we'd been as lucky in our elections back on the 13th...

Posted by: undunoops ([info]undunoops)
Posted at: November 25th, 2007, 01:01 pm

It's a beautiful thing, is it not? :-)

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: September 19th, 2008, 03:10 pm
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Posted at: April 29th, 2011, 03:05 am
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