September 2nd, 2007

Time for a rant

I'm not the most rational creature at times and I'm happy to be the first to admit it. I let my emotional response taint my attitude towards things, sometimes in not very grown-up ways.

This is one of those times.

I am growing increasingly bitter towards Live Journal and Six Apart because of the sheer amount of time I'm having to put into infrastructure. I've finally transferred all my icons across this morning. Took me three hours. We moved the [info]sshp_prophet over yesterday; took eight hours in total for the three of us to relocate to comm, delete duplicate posts, change all the userinfo, set up an RSS feed, post to Stag and Doe, check everything and then delete the LJ content. I've learned how to use Semagic, LJ Sec and LJ Migrate; took a lot of hours and help from loving friends (yes, [info]gnomad, I'm looking at you in adoration!). I've put countless hours into reading so many posts on LJ Biz and my flists about what the latest happenings are, talking and fretting and deciding what to do, setting up journals and moving house. So far this week I've probably put six hours into saving images from LJ's Galleries, and I've only done 200 out of 600, and they all have to be uploaded and retagged before I even start thinking about putting up the posts from Sectus, Prophecy, the US, Canada and Japan.

These are hours I'm not re-reading Book 7, thinking about canon, working out plots, talking gleefully with friends or writing porn. Last night's tinyfic for Bring Back the Porn is the first real bit I've written since Book Seven came out. My mind is swirling with ideas and I have to keep shoving them aside to deal with this shit.

Six Apart? Can suck my cock. Which would be fine if I had one. But I'm very bloody cranky with them, and digging my heels in further.

I am never going back to them.

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