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Ficlet: The Benefits of Quidditch

September 1st, 2007 (10:10 pm)

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Author: Snapetoy
Title: The Benefits of Quidditch
Rating: NC17
Summary: It doesn't matter whether you win or lose...
A/N: Written for [info]florida_minxie's Bring Back the Porn challenge on Insane Journal
Word Count: 441 (Ficlet)

Snape was on him as he came through the Floo, fingers pulling at his heavy robes, long body pressing him against the wall next to the fireplace. Harry grinned and let his head fall back against the cool grey stone as Snape licked the taste of sweat from his throat.

He groaned, a sound from deep within his belly, as Snape bit at the juncture of throat and body, sucking a dark purple bruise onto his skin. "God, Severus, that's--"

"Yes," Snape said, pushing his Quidditch over-robe down his arms and letting it fall, pulling at his sweater and shirt, the fingers of one hand splaying on the hot, sweaty skin beneath while the other worked at the zip on his trousers. Harry's own fingers were busy, buried deep in Snape's greasy hair, molding along the line of his jaw, pulling his face up for a kiss. This was one of the best things about Snape, he thought, revelling in the man's hunger, that he got off on Harry's sweaty body after a game of Quidditch.

"It almost makes up for losing," he said, gasping as Snape's long fingers closed around his cock.

"Get your sweater off," Snape responded, and Harry tried to oblige, trapped as he was between Snape and the wall.

Between Snape's one hand and Harry's two, they managed to get the sweater off and the shirt open and his trousers down to his knees before they were caught on his shin guards and stopped. Snape's fingers worked him until Harry was panting, eyes unfocussed while Snape licked into the rough hair at his armpit, across his chest to bite at a nipple and down his belly before sucking his cock to the root.

Dirty, wet noises, the rustle of clothing and Snape's mouth on him, of Harry's panted moans, of "Fuck, yeah," and "Oh god, just like that," as Snape's teeth scraped like velvet around his length, filled the dungeon air and Harry came helplessly, hips thrusting desperately, seeking after that feeling that swirled and tightened through his belly before burning out of his cock and down Snape's throat.

Harry let his fingers unclench a little from their knuckle-tight hold in Snape's hair, wincing at the scrape of the stone against his arse. He blinked the sweat from his eyes, trying to focus on Snape's face.

Snape had a smear of Harry's come at the corner of his mouth and his fingers pressing at Harry's hole. His eyes were hot, dark, devouring and Harry shivered. "Bed?" he asked.

"Bed," Snape answered and Harry grinned down at him. The Cannons might have lost, but Harry? Was a winner.


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Yummy!! *fans self* and I thought it was hottest outside - I was wrong!

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