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Moving to Insane Journal

August 14th, 2007 (09:32 am)

I've been impressed for weeks with Squeaky's attitude to fandom, enough that I'm moving over to Insane Journal permanently.

I've backed up my journal over there, and will go through and relink, and then delete most of the content here. I'll be letting the paid account lapse in October and using this only as a reading journal. I'll post links here when I put up things that folks are interested in rather than the everyday blathering that I do, probably for a few months, but I imagine that will lapse as well. I'll probably continue to check on Greatest Journal as well, but I imagine the centre of my blogging world will move to IJ.

Continuing in the grand tradition of stick figure porn, here's my thoughts on the whole situation:

(I now have five posts started and not completed, on Sectus, Prophecy and tourist bits and bobs. *whimpers* Soon, sooon, although I head for Tokyo tomorrow to help Youngest Son move, so maybe when I get back to Australia. *whimpers some more*)