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July 11th, 2007 (02:07 pm)

MaeglinYedi and I went to see OotP last night, and it was fabulous to see it with her. It always makes a movie better, watching it with other fen, but having that person be Maeg makes it very special indeed!

Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix under the cut for the one person on my flist who hasn't seen it yet.

Overall, I liked this movie a lot. The director was clearly paying attention to the theme of the books, and it illustrates Harry's point of view and growing isolation pretty well.

What I liked, I liked a lot in no order at all:
% Kreacher - really well done, and his disdain for the OotP and potential treacherousness was hinted at

%The battles at the Department of Mysteries - these were great, and the special effects stopped it from being a light show, but showed us instead the workings of magic and the power involved

$Voldemort and his connection to Harry - hot damn, he is one sexy villain, even without a nose. I loved how he was egging Harry on to cast the Cruciatus on Bellatrix, how Harry is encouraged in his isolation and impulsiveness throughout the movie. The subtlety of it was very well portrayed

#Dumbledore's Army - I thought this was really well portrayed and developed. Harry's leadership qualities and determination were a highlight.

"Lucius, the voice of reason - *falls off chair laughing* smooth, man, very smooth

)Ron and Hermione - lots of connection between them, lots of determination to support Harry. I really like Rupert Grint's Ron; he's such a teenage boy. Emma Watson's Hermione is still way too "pretty" for me.

!Umbridge - absolutely outstanding menace. Loved the character development, brilliant acting. They really got her right; all that understated and incredibly powerful mundanity

#Filch - Argus and his support of the imposition of discipline was wonderful. Filch was absolutely gleeful putting up those decrees, and his determination to catch them at the Room of Requirement was excellent. Seeing him line up with Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle: priceless!

%Luna Lovegood - I thought the actress did a terrific job at portraying both Luna's loopyness and her insightfulness.

What I didn't like, but could understand:
&Harry and Cho - we got to see the kiss but then the potentiality of it disappeared from the screen. I wanted to see how the relationship went nowhere, but I could understand that it had to be left out.

(Snape's worst memory - I think we're already left in a bad place by the previous movies for the whole Marauders plot line. I hated POA with a passion for leaving out that whole dimension to Harry's experience, but what that means is that OotP can't recover from that and suddenly introduce the dimension that we're already familiar with from canon. Leaving out the Marauders previously means that viewers who aren't like us, who only know the movies, won't get the violation of Snape's privacy with the memories, won't understand the magnitude of it, and will miss the ramifications that are so central to the failure of the Occlumency lessons that run from it.

What I really didn't like, and think diminishes the story arc:
'Using Avada Kedavra on Sirius - I assume that if it were vital as a plot point, JKR would have vetoed this, but the whole scene loses a lot of its power as its played out on the screen. Part of the emotional intensity of it in canon comes from the fact that Sirius goes behind the veil alive; he is lost, not killed outright. That heightens and focuses Harry's loss and magnifies the pointlessness of it. While I really like Oldman's portrayal of Sirius, I felt this scene was completely overshadowed by the battles either side.

%Minimisation of Harry's emotional responses - I'm thinking of Harry's response following his confrontation of Dumbledore. We're still left with Dumbly the master manipulator but really not shown his fallibility, and the validity of Harry's anger. Rereading OotP always leaves me frustrated with Dumbledore, Snape, Molly Weasley and Sirius for not telling Harry what he needs to know, not giving him a basis of understanding to work from. I really felt that was missing from the movie, that dimension of disempowerment and the outcomes from it (Sirius' death, Harry's isolation, the failure of the Occlumency lessons, Harry's vulnerability to Voldemort) are minimised as a result.

One final nit-picky thing: please, for the love of all small gods, can we have Harry's hair back in the next movie?