July 7th, 2007

Count down

I've been working 17 hour days for the past little while to make it happen, and I finally did it. I left work at 12.30am this morning with a clean desk. Clean because I'm having to take the final parts of our work report with me, and I'll finish it on the plane to London, or jolly well bust.

My to do list for the next seventeen hours:

  • finish the washing and ironing and pack the iron away so the cats don't burn the house down
  • pay the bills so I'm completely up to date
  • email [info]luthien because omg Monday we fly!
  • put the software for the mp3 thingy and organiser thingy on the toy AT BLOODY LAST!
  • email [info]gwyddfid with the password to my beast and for the broadband
  • try and stay under the 20kg limit when packing
  • pack the pretty boy drive somewhere in the bags
  • make sure all the insurance is up to date
  • email [info]cordelia_v about meeting up in New York
  • write up the itinerary and send it to my panicking family
  • omg empty the fridge because a green fridge is a bad thing to come home to
  • put everything on the chargers so I have plenty of battery life
  • try and catch up with scarah about the spoiler zone before I desert and leave her to it!
  • check final arrangements for the treasure cats
  • snuggle the treasures and sleep for ten hours

I drive to Sydney in the morning rather than fly because Eldest Son rang me while I was completely fucking insane sick and asked if he could borrow the tiny car while I was gone. In a moment of total stupidity weakness, I agreed, as long as he meets me at Sydney airport at 7.30am on 21 August and drives me home. Since then, of course, I've had to redo the insurance and registration because his Provisionary Driver's License is all of three weeks old.

I hug [info]luthien goodbye at Heathrow airport and then run for my plane to Amsterdam and then into a train where [info]maeglinyedi will be waiting for me at the end. And that night we're going to see OotP! Can there be anything better in the world?

My travel time in the UK has been cut back, so I'm going to come back for a month next year (probably autumn - then I'll have the reporting, submissions and end of the financial year nightmares out of the way) and I'll be able to take my time and 'splore properly, going north to Scotland and through the Lakes District and wandering, as I'm not going to make it far from London this time. Best to do it properly rather than in a mad rush, so I'll be looking for everyone outside London next year!

I'll be back in London on 13 July, and will get a local phone number, so here's a little poll where you can leave your phone number (but no one else can see it!) so I can call you when I get in. There are people I want to have lunch with ([info]lexin, I'll need your number) and people I want to go to pubs with (all you London toobs!). I do want to go to Cardiff for a day or so because omg Doctor Who! And then Sectus!

[Error: Invalid poll ID 1016878]

It's going to be fantastic.

ETA: Done and on my way. :D

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