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Drabble: Never too old for detention...

June 23rd, 2007 (12:04 am)

For [info]lolitaray: a tiny bit of NC-17 Snarry smut from her prompt.

Snape leaned forward, his fingers pressed against his mouth, watching Potter flirt with the new Arithmancy teacher. Prat. Gryffindor brat.

"Pass the gravy, Severus."

He leaned back, darting a sideways look at Potter before pushing the gravy boat in Filius’ direction, ignoring the spill of dark brown and the remonstrative huff as it almost slid off the table.

The laughter from further down the table was irresistible, and Snape could feel his ire rising.

Potter was going to pay for this tonight.

Spread out over Snape’s desk, skin flushed and damp with want, Snape would torment and hold him on the edge of release. Keep him hovering as Snape’s fingers slid deep into his body, Snape’s tongue left him mewling, desperate to come.

Tendrils of desire warmed his belly, teased at his cock. Enough.

He pushed the chair back, a harsh scrape across the floor and Potter looked up, eyes bright, biting back a grin.

Snape stopped, leaned in so that only Potter would hear. "Detention, Potter. One hour."

It was going to be a long night.