June 6th, 2007

Semagic and posting to multiple journals

Whee! I have spent a little bit of time tonight trawling through the Semagic comments and have found out how to post to multiple journals on different servers. I love Semagic.

Most of us are using the same username across the LJ clones (GJ, IJ, JF and others). Because we're using the same username, we think that we only have one login when Semagic starts - it opens at the login screen with our username, and then we're manually changing the server to post to in from the File menu under Server settings.

Friends, this is not so! We can set up multiple logins with the same username!

1/ Log out of Semagic
2/ At the login screen, in the username field type username lj. Now put in your LJ password into the password field. Don't hit enter or click Login yet!
3/ Tick both the boxes for Remember Password and Auto-Login.
4/ Click the File menu and then Server settings.
5/ Make sure www.livejournal.com is selected as the server. Click OK.
6/ Click Login.

Now repeat steps 1 - 6 with your other journals, replacing username lj with username clone-abbreviation and the Server settings with the clone address.

You'll find that at your Login screen, you'll now have multiple login options. :)

For example, mine are:
- snapetoy lj - www.livejournal.com
- snapetoy gj - www.greatestjournal.com
- snapetoy jf - www.journalfen.net
- snapetoy ij - www.insanejournal.com

I've deliberately chosen to include LJ in that list, as I may end up defaulting to another journal service, so I didn't want to prefer LJ.

The latest build of Semagic allows you to Post to Multiple Journals from the Journal menu. Ticky box the ones you want to post to!

Did I say I loved Semagic? This is going to make it so much easier until we settle down... Oh! And I think it's going to make it a whole lot easier to carry the past posts we want to save from LJ over to other journal sites, by selecting that past post and then posting it to the other LJ clones.

That's a happy thought for 5am!

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