April 12th, 2007

Pimping <lj comm

[info]joanwilder posted a list of why team [info]team_sowartime was the better team in this year's [info]snarry_games. I fixed it for her.

Wartime means focus and purpose being too busy for anything resembling sex; postwar means taking your pack kit off!

Wartime requires fitness; postwar induces the softness of disuse means you have the time to use those muscles in new and interesting ways.

Wartime sharpens the mind; postwar dulls the intellect lets you put all those fantasies into action.

Wartime counts the cost; postwar takes it all for granted celebrates survival.

Wartime makes clear who it is that you love—life is fragile; postwar makes it easy to never say the word—there will always be tomorrow tell them.

Wartime brings out the best and worst; postwar buries in mediocrity helps you find the very best.

Wartime holds fate in its hands; postwar rests on the laurels of others learns to live with fate.

Wartime knows how to kick ass; postwar knows how to sit on stroke, finger and fuck it.

Hope that helps you all to remember how you should vote! ♥

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