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Pimp, pimp, pimpetty pimp: the return of X's art and <lj comm

March 3rd, 2007 (06:05 pm)

Many Snape/Harry fen who've been around for more than a few years will remember X's art, Disarmed and The Mouse's Lullaby, before she took them down from the net. I'd never forgotten them, and I know many others haven't either. Both pieces were very striking and powerful, and I always regretted that they'd been taken down.

At Escapade, [info]meri_oddities, [info]dementordelta and I had the opportunity to tell X how much we'd enjoyed her work. I was totally shameless (surprising, I know) about how much I'd loved them and how I'd never forgotten them. X was very touched, and told us that she'd put them back up.

I'm so excited to tell you that I've had an email from her, and Disarmed and The Mouse's Lullaby are back up on X's website. You can email feedback to X from the site. I'll also be linking to the art from Walking the Plank so you'll be able to leave feedback there as well within a couple of days.

Please do take what X asks seriously, and don't take the art and manipulate or take her name off it. People being idiots with someone else's work is why it came down last time, and I'd like to think that it wouldn't happen again. Enjoy the art, because it's truly beautiful work.


On another note, I've stolen an idea from [info]julian_black and started a community for Snape/Harry fen to arrange meetups and advertise them. For the big cons, there's often a dedicated community, but for general meetings it often depends upon who's on whose flist to get the word out. [info]snarry_meetup is for all Snarry fen to arrange meetups, large and small. I've asked about and it looks like there's no Snarry comm for the Phoenix Rising convention, so this could be the place to organise the Snape/Harry dinners, room parties and meetings that are sure to happen! If you're a Snape/Harry fan who wants to meet others, then why not join up?